We offer you a comprehensive purchase and production service in China
SERVICES - What we do

We fully understand the obstacles that foreign companies face in dealing with suppliers in China. We have extensive local market knowledge and experience, helping our customers speed up and improve product search, testing and production processes, reduce costs of long business trips, and work closely with someone on the ground that "speaks the same language". ZG Solutions works as an integrated China based Foreign Trade Department of your company providing a fully personalized service tailored to your needs ensuring the success in each and every business operation.

Product Search / Supplier Selection

In such a large country offering an incredible variety of purchasing and production options, it is essential to know how and where to look. Our local experience helps us meet or improve on your target pricing, product quality and expected lead times. We work closely with our customers throughout the process, from the initial selection process, receiving product samples, to the subsequent review and selection of the most suitable products.

OEM Production – ODM

We offer innovative, low-cost solutions adapted to each customer's specific needs. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of a wide variety of products and materials types. We specialise in production of our customers original products, optimizing resources with visits to suitable suppliers, rapid review of samples, constant feedback to you. Everything to ensure the best possible quality/price relationship for your products.

Product Purchasing

We are the eyes and ears of our customers in China. We work as your internal purchasing department, accompanying you throughout the whole process, maintaining daily contact with suppliers and reducing possible logistical setbacks from the confirmation of the purchase of the product to the shipment of the cargo to the destination.

Export - Advice on Foreign Trade

We have specific knowledge and experience to work with our customers throughout the export process, preparation of documentation and product sampling, coordination of internal and external transport, export insurance and shipment loading. We will accompany you throughout the procedure from the moment the product leaves the factory until it reaches the port of destination. We ensure straight forward and risk-free logistics and transport of your products.

Testing and inspections of products
We have business relations with many manufacturers in different regions of China

Our know how comes from working with customers from many different countries on a wide selection of products and projects. We take care of all production steps, from factory selection, product testing, production line QC, even coordinating product shipment to the final destination. We advise inspections of products, whenever financially justified, to avoid errors and to eliminate defective goods, reduce delays and unnecessary headaches.

Business trips to China
We make visits to fairs, suppliers and manufacturers

Not all companies can visit suppliers and trade fairs in China, either due to high costs of travel, accommodation or due to time constraints. Many of our customers ask us to visit to trade fairs, suppliers and manufacturers on their behalf. We prepare complete and detailed reports, accompanied by photographic and audio-visual media, so our customers do not miss the slightest detail.

It is a pleasure for us to accompany customers who prefer to visit China themselves. From the moment you arrive in the country, we will take care of your personal needs, we will accompany you visiting trade fairs, suppliers, factories and trade markets. We will make our recommendations, coordinate travel logistics and of course assist you when during negotiations.